The Exams Team deal with:
  • Registration of learners with exam boards
  • Exam entries
  • Organisation of exam sessions, rooms, invigilators etc
  • Claiming of Certificates where no exam is included in the course
  • Completion of your course results on the college internal system
  • Sending out candidate's certificates at the end of the course 

Special Consideration/Access Arrangements

Some learners have particular requirements when it comes to exams and examination conditions.

  • Access Arrangements must be arranged for the learner before the examination or assessment. Requests are sent to the exam board along with personal assessment evidence to decide if the learner is entitled to additional help with their exams. If you think you may require additional help please contact Skills Development team who will then arrange assessments etc.
  • Special Consideration can be granted to learners who were affected by an event, illness or injury that occurred at the time of the exam. Any event that you think affected your ability at the time must be reported to the Exams Officer on the day of the exam. This is reported to the exam board and they will have the final say on any special consideration permitted.


Important Information for Exam Only Candidates

If you wish to resit an exam that you have previously sat with us, please speak to a member of the team on 0117 909 2357 or drop into CG16, main site, for further advice.

The entry deadlines for Summer 2014 are:

GCSE - Friday 7th February
A-level & FSMQ - Friday 7th March

Any late fees incurred by the college due to a candidate handing their exam entry form in after these dates, must be paid for by the candidate.

If you are not currently enrolled with us but you intend to resit an exam with us, there will be a £25 re-enrolment charge on top of any exam fees.

Please note that we are unable to take candidates for re-sits unless they have previously sat that exact specification with us. Even if you are currently studying a different subject with us, we are unable to accommodate you on an "exam only" basis for a subject that you have not previously studied with us.

Please contact 3AT (www.3at.org.uk) on 0117 910 9931 as they specialise in accommodating exam only candidates.

Contact Us

For advice, the Exams team can be contacted on:

Exam Timetable

Filton Campus

  • Exam timetable for Summer 2013 available here
  • Exam timetable for January 2013 available here