About Us


South Gloucestershire and Stroud college has an in-house Counselling Service, which is open to all learners. Our counsellors cover Filton, Stroud, WISE and Queens Road during a working week. A counselling service can also be arranged for the Zoo when needed.

At Filton we are based in Learner Services (CG10 on the ground floor), at Stroud in Learner services on the ground floor,  at WISE in Student Services (G32 on the ground floor) and at Queens Road we are based in the Staff Room. Please refer to the timetable on the Contact us page for more detailed information

Julie Connolly - Student Counsellor

Julie Connolly  is a part-time counsellor who joined SGS College over 4 years ago . Prior to working for SGS College, Julie counselled for the NSPCC, Barnardos and did a lot of work for the Indigo Self-Harm project. Julie is at WISE Campus on a Monday and at Filton Campus on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Counsellorat SGS College

Kimberley Dearsley is a part-time counsellor working at SGS college in Bristol from Wednesday to Friday. She is based at Queens Road on a Wednesday Morning, WISE on Thursdays and Filton Campus on Fridays. Before working with SGS college Kimberley has provided counselling to clients at Off the Record, several GP's and for City of Bristol College.

Ismene Cole

Ismene Cole is a part-time counsellor working for SGS in Bristol from Monday to Wednesday. She is at the Filton Campus on Mondays and on Wednesday mornings and at WISE Campus on a Tuesday. She has worked for social services, national charities MIND and Bipolar UK and with Young Carers at Crossroads.

Diane Rutter

Diane Rutter has been running the counselling service at Stroud for the past 9 years. Prior to this, she was a Learning Mentor at Stroud Campus.


Daniel Slade is a placement student who will be working at SGS Filton Campus until July 2013. Daniel is in the final year of his counselling diploma.


General Contacts

  • Filton Campus:
    Learner Services Office CG10 
    T: (0117) 909 2336 / 909 2298
  • Stroud Campus:
    Learner Services Office
    Ground Floor
    T: 01453 761272 / 07929 148006
  • WISE Campus:
    Learner Services Office G32
    T: (0117) 919 2605
  • Queens Road:
    Main Reception 0117 973 6259