Student Council


The Student Council is made up of student representatives, as voted for by the student population at SGS College. As a member, you have the opportunity to make a difference by representing your peers. You can lead the team by running for President or Vice president. Please contact John or Helen (Filton and WISE campuses) or Sonia (Stroud campus) for more info!

Next elections: Tuesday 8 October 2013 (Closed)

If you are interested in running for the position of President or Vice President then please fill in a "Student Council election form” form and return it to your Student Union office.

Intro from Student Committee President (Stroud Campus - 2013/2014):

SU_President 2013/2014"Hi, I am Sahaya James, and I'm a second year Games Design student. I am delighted to be voted as a President of the Student Committee. I love debates and discussions. I am enthusiastic about representing the student body of SGS College".

I intend to: Campaign for and help set up taster weeks to give all students the opportunity to try out different subjects and courses available in college.

Campaign for a student hub area an alternative to the library or Cafe being the only option to spend time outside the classroom.

Intro from Student Committee Vice-President (Bristol Campus - 2013/2014):

SU Vicepresident 2013/2014"Hello and Hi there, To introduce myself I am Shadrack Asimeng, also known as "Shaddy the Activator" by some in the Filton Campus!, I am currently studying Business Admin and Management L3 and am now officially the Student Governor and Vice President of the Student Committee on behalf of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.

This role has activated the "Bang"and a ventilated atmosphere to connect effectively with the students body, to bringing the best solutions, events & activities and also a convenient environment for studying in Campus.

Playing such a "Big man" role in the Student Union organisation has enhance my capabilities and widened my knowledge and experiences in communication, management and leadership. Not to bore you will all my experiences and adventure as a young lad trying to be outstanding but we all like to achieve, have fun and party hard right!! Gess what??!! it's all going to be ACTIVATED!!

All I want from you all is to STAY ACTIVE & GET INVOLVED!!

SGS College is the place to be!

SU Board

If you have any questions or suggestions, please meet your SU president in the cafeteria (Stroud Campus) between 12-1pm.


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