An accommodation service is available for learners who require temporary accommodation whilst studying at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College. Our Accommodation Officer has a wide range of information on the different types of accommodation available

  • Learners moving away from home for the first time often choose the security and home-from-home appeal of a room in a family home. Host family accommodation includes breakfast, evening meal and a couple of loads of washing per week.
  • Self-catering in a family home – Learners have their own bedroom and live within a family home but are self-sufficient and cook for themselves
  • Rented Accommodation – living independently in a rented/shared house.

Council Tax

If a student is a full time learner and live alone or share with other full time learners, they may not have to pay council tax. If they are the only learner in a shared house, they may get discount on their council tax bill. To claim their reduction they will need to provide information supporting their learner status. The Student Administrator can provide a letter to confirm this.

Contact Us

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